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August 12th, 2011 | Posted by Megan in Blog

A character height chart of the main characters of my graphic novel. :D (Click to make it bigger!)

From left to right: Hodei, Gero, Nahia, Gau, and Indar.
(The excited doodle in the bottom right corner is me expressing my approval. Haha!)

Indar is Hodei and Gero’s father. Gau is Nahia’s father. I hope you can see the resemblances!!
Yes, Cro-Magnon man was this tall.
Yes, I do plan on inking this!

I used to worry a lot that my clothing designs weren’t simple enough for the time period, but I really, really like them so I’m keeping them! So far, my plan is for this book to be roughly 300 pages. I need to like what I’m drawing, yes? Plus, we haven’t a CLUE what these people wore aside from some very intricate jewelry. Who’s to say their clothing wasn’t equally as detailed?

Anyway, now that you know what my characters look like, you can start making me fan art now. (Kidding!)

(Or am I…? :| )

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